I want to deploy a small Node/Angular webapplication to AWS, as I try to explore the options here is what I learnt

Where do I run the server side NodeJS code

Amazon has few options grouped together under the section “Compute”

Amazon S2 - Beanstalk - Can host node js code, be careful about pricing.

S2 is perfect from a perspective that I can create a docker image and host it, however looking at the pricing I think I don’t want to pay more than $10 a month, which could be a problem after the free first year.

Lambda (Serverless) - Host a function

I like the pricing on this one, it is based on how many calls to a function, and if the calls are under a certian number it could be free after the first free year too. The downside is that it is not a like having an express application, but I think I can live with functions at this point.

How to I create web accessable URL for Lambda functions

API Gateway

AWS API Gateway can create web URLs for the Lambda functions

How do I host the static content

Amazon S3 - Can host static site, free for one year

I can use S3 to store and serve static content, HTML/CSS/JS (Angular code)